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15 Wellness Tea Bags

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Bee good to yourself… and the environment!

Pure green tea combined with natural flora & unique Welsh Honey, to create a refreshing infusion that supports your well-being & the environment.

This refreshing & invigorating blend combines the natural goodness of green tea (high in antioxidants) & real Welsh Honey (using 100% natural honey flakes), with hand-picked wildflowers (naturally high in health promoting polyphenols & salicylates), all scientifically developed to support your well-being.

All packaging is biodegradable including the tea bags. Everything about this product is 100% natural!

Green Tea (57%)
Liquorice Root (15%)
Honey Flakes (10%)
Dandelion Leaf (9%)
Meadowsweet (8%)
Blackberry Extract (1%)


A little bit about this collaboration…

By working with Pharmabees & Cardiff University we were able to create this unique wellness tea, where every ingredient has been looked at scientifically to identify specific health benefits. But, not only is it good for you, it also gives something back to the environment & the wider community…

Giving something back to the environment…

INCLUDING: Projects to create a Bee Friendly City, school partnerships to work with children across Wales to support pollinators & biodiversity, and also work contributing to the fight against antibiotic superbugs.

Plus… a percentage of profits from this product will go straight back into funding these projects.


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