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Welsh Brew Tea Mug (white)

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Nice and simple bilingual Tea mug. Te on one side and Tea on the other.

Is Your kitchen Welsh enough? This is one of our bilingual Tea Mugs, Welsh Brew tea on one side and Te on the other. Be sure to Welsh up your tea set with our bespoke Tea Mug.

Not only do you get a Welsh Brew mug but you also get the chance to send our facebook page a mug shot of yourself or anyone you fancy (not literally, well maybe) and the best ones get  free Welsh Brew Goodies to show off to their friends.

It’s been said that if you drink your tea from this mug every morning before work then you may not get there till lunch!. Iechyd Dda!

This is our traditional bilingual tea mug. A great way to Welsh up any corner of your kitchen.

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