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Black Mountain Coffee- Wales


We’re Black Mountain Roast – a small coffee company, located in the foothills of the Black Mountains in Wales.

We love coffee and believe fresh is best. To achieve this we only roast small batches in our magical barn, using cutting-edge technology with good old fashioned skills. Roasting is part science and part art – in other words ‘Alchemy’.

We want you to experience the remarkable difference that using ethically-sourced, high quality, freshly roasted and ground coffee beans will bring to your cup of coffee.

The importance of properly roasted, fresh coffee cannot be underestimated; it’s a world away from the often stale and burnt beans of supermarket.

There is magic in what we do, but you do not need to be a wizard to enjoy our Welsh coffee.

We source our beans from around the world, from small farms and co-operatives that excel at what they do. Many of these are not Fairtrade-registered, but be assured that all our beans are traded fairly and grown using traditional and sustainable methods. 




You can read more about us in ‘Our Thoughts’ pages. Our ethos and the way we do things runs in our blood, just as the coffee does!Join us on our adventure and leave behind the average, over-roasted and often bitter coffee too many people accept as normal from coffee-chains and supermarkets. We are happy to now be taking online coffee orders and delivering both freshly ground coffee and coffee beans straight to your door. 

Some of the best and most passionate coffee shops and destinations are now serving our freshly roasted coffee.

Simon and Mungo