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Katherine Jenkins Cygnet gin

Katherine Jenkins Cygnet Gin

A Word From Katherine!

Dear Friends

Being a professional music artist, I know that passion, perfection and dedication are what you need to create a memorable performance. And so I have crafted my Cygnet Gin in the same way that I have approached my singing career, with the deepest respect for my audience, striving for a 'best in glass’ experience that reflects all the values I hold close to my heart. 

Made near my childhood home in Wales, Cygnet Gin combines the finest local botanicals with pure Welsh water and being surrounded by the nature and beauty of the valleys, a whole lot of ‘Hwyl!' (an ecstatic feeling of inspiration unique to Wales). I’ve also included my ‘secret ingredient’ in Cygnet 22, Manuka Honey, which I use to take care, not only of my voice, but myself and my children. All of this results in an ultra premium gin that is so smooth you can sip it on its own.

Inspired by the sisterhood of gin drinkers and with them in mind every step of the way, our female-founded, female-led company is wholly committed to sustainability. Having been a supporter of the conservation world for many years, my gin comes with a forever promise to walk the walk and this is reflected in our brand ethos. The graceful and elegant bottle is not only beautiful but also lighter in weight, which helps its carbon footprint. The water drop design of the glass, inspired by clear Welsh water, makes a beautiful vase you can use long after the last drop.

I cherish the people that are close to me. Cygnet Gin is about those precious times with family, nights out with friends or a welcome home from a long tour of duty. It’s a shared connection, a bond and a way to celebrate life. Or simply, it's your time to pause and enjoy the moment because you deserve the best. 

The Spirit of Wales

Welsh Superstar Mezzo Soprano, Katherine Jenkins OBE, founded Cygnet in 2022. When Katherine discovered a little-known Welsh spirit in 2021, she was inspired to create her very own range of premium spirits, hand-crafted in her home country of Wales.

Honouring Women

As a female founder, Katherine is passionate about speaking woman to woman. Wanting to break the mould, she has created an exceptional gin designed for the sisterhood of gin lovers. From the bottle design to the gin itself, the message is clear, women deserve the best and the special quality and taste of the Cygnet range delivers on that promise.

Best in Glass

The world-class gin has been developed by the Cygnet team to offer an exceptional ‘Best in Glass’ experience.

In collaboration with her husband Andrew Levitas, the artist and social-impact filmmaker and Eric Villency, who designed products such as Peloton and Rock Star Energy drinks, Katherine designed the beautiful reusable glass bottles, brand logos and selected the botanicals for the new Cygnet spirit range.

Cygnet 22 is a true disruptor and one of the first gin products designed to be sipped or enjoyed with your favorite mixer.