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St. Justin and Sea Gems. Corwalls Premier Celtic and Welsh Gift Manufactuers

We pride ourselves here at, not only in seeking out the best quality suppliers for Celtic Jewellery, Celtic & Welsh Gifts. But also in making sure that the gifts have been produced in a sustainable manner and powered by a passion for our Nation and its unique heritage. I feel that Sea Gems® and St. Justin hit all of these values and much much more. Please read below the ethos and foresight of both companies (in their own words).



Sea Gems is a well established family company with over 30 years experience in creating original, stylish jewellery and design-led gifts, based in the ancient town of Marazion in Cornwall.
They are passionate about design and all ranges are designed in Cornwall, drawing inspiration from the stunning, natural surroundings, the ocean, sub-tropical gardens, flora and fauna as well as the rich Celtic heritage.
The Sterling Silver collections feature unique and delicately handcrafted jewellery. The Pure Origins brand is naturally inspired, contemporary by design. The Celtic Lands collection celebrates ancient Celtic artwork translated into beautiful jewellery and the Mackintosh collection inspired by the famous works of Scottish designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
Their jewellery is of the highest quality and is created into extremely wearable collections that provide individual self-expression.
The gift collections feature contemporary Celtic and Mackintosh designs, beautifully transposed onto pens, bookmarks, compacts and pillboxes. All branded ranges are boxed with stunning point of sale displays.
St. Justin is renowned as the home of fine contemporary, historic, Celtic and rare jewellery, gifts and accessories. 
Each piece of St Justin jewellery and giftware is crafted by hand and eye in Cornwall, the South West extremity of Britain. Pewter jewellery, bronze jewellery, silver jewellery and Cornish tin jewellery are carefully cast and then polished. Celtic crosses, pendants, earrings and brooches feature in the collection with other styles. Viking jewellery in pewter and bronze; pendants in silver; heart jewellery in pewter, bronze and silver; Celtic jewellery in pewter, bronze, silver and Cornish tin. Amulets and Talismans in pewter and bronze and many collectors favourites.
Celtic art reverberates through the centuries, identified by the simple sophistication of form and an indefinable feeling for the rightness of things. St Justin jewellery is not only a re-creation of the past, but a continual evolution of living art created by craftsmen for the people of today.