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Suffer Junkie® Collection

Suffer Junkie

An exciting and new product has hit our shelves.

Suffer Junkie® Clothing has come together with Taffy's to bring you the best in Pain fueled slogan T-shirts and Hoodies. The founder (Richie) has taken part in many ultra endurance events from the UTMB® and The Triple Brutal Ironman to the Gore-Tex transalpine and Dragon Quintuple+1 Ironman.

Have you ever finished or know someone that's taken part in an event and been given a token Tee Shirt or Hoodie that just didn't express the pain you went through to get it. Have you been asked that repetitive question of, "Why do you do it?".  Well.... now you can show your a true Suffer Junkie, and also tell people not to bother asking why you do it! If they have to ask, they would never understand anyway!

So, if you fall in the bracket where no amount of jelly babies, Gels, Sports drinks, flap jacks, cheese, Salami, pastries and pasta will ease the sickness or pain killers become less effective than a tube of smarties and you still go back for more, then you can probably call yourself a Suffer Junkie®.

So if it's that 5km Park run you have to smash or a 100mile Trail Race to punish yourself through, push yourself to never give up and achieve what you know you can accomplish. 

Stay Awesome people....Rich!


Rich Transvulcania


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