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Bolitho Cornish Tin Ingot Paperweight (Small) (Dcg02)


Bolitho Cornish tin ingot paperweight (large) – a beaten Cornish tin ingot replica of an original ingot salvaged from the seabed.
This item contains a minimum of 10% of Cornish tin from the SS Liverpool, blended with other shipwreck tin and new tin to enhance durability.

The Cornish tin industry began nearly 4000 years ago during the Bronze Age.
Tin was mined by our Celtic ancestors and exported to Europe and the Middle East
where it was used for making weapons and tools. The tin was smelted and cast into
ingots locally. Much of this tin was transported by sea from Cornwall and occasionally
some of it was lost. One such cargo was shipped from Penzance on the SS Liverpool,
which sank off Anglesey in 1863 where it remained for 138 years. The ingots were produced
at a smelters owned by the Bolitho family in Chyandour, Penzance and stamped with the lamb
and flag mark which was commonly used as a symbol of purity.

Width:15mm Length: 58mm Height: 8mm

Supplied in a satin-lined gift box.

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